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26 February 2017 20:07PM

Lufthansa Cargo unveils opticooler for temperature-sensitive freight

25 Aug 10 ,  eyefortransport
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Lufthansa Cargo has expanded its portfolio for the transportation of temperature-sensitive airfreight with a new generation of cooling containers.

Developed jointly with the cargo equipment manufacturer Dokasch, the opticooler combines technology with reliability.

According to Dr Andreas Otto, Lufthansa Cargo board member, Product & Sales, the temperature-sensitive airfreight business has grown strongly in defiance of last year's global economic crisis.  Consequently, the carrier aims to capitalise on that growth trend and increase its market share.

"We have tailored the container to suit individual customer requirements," said Dr Otto. "In that way, we guarantee fast and flexible service paired with topmost safety and reliability."

The transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo is a highly demanding operation. With outside temperatures at airports they serve ranging from -30 to +40 degrees Celsius, cargo airlines need to be equipped with containers in which temperatures fluctuate only marginally in order to prevent any damage to sensitive freight.

The new opticooler offers greater reliability than other models, and its range of applications is appreciably wider than that of traditional cooling containers - which maintain low temperatures through the use of dry ice.

The only thing that Lufthansa Cargo's opticooler requires is electricity, making it ideal for transporting goods that must not come into contact with carbon dioxide.

Furthermore, the new container makes it easier for Lufthansa Cargo customers to comply with increasingly tougher regulations, since it records the container temperature throughout the entire transport operation and makes that information available to customers on request.

Lufthansa Cargo completed the test phase with the opticooler in August, and the new containers are now ready for use on all routes in the cargo carrier's global network